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Welcome to Rejoice! Plus HymnBase

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What is Rejoice! PLUS Hymnbase?

The Rejoice! PLUS HymnBase is produced by the Public Worship and Aids to Devotion Committee of the Presbyterian Church of Australia. It is designed to provided a resource for ministers and music teams as they plan and prepare church services. It is the Presbyterian go-to resource for hymns.

The Rejoice! Plus HymnBase provides the user a means of searching for suitable hymns based on Scripture Reference, Topic, Church Year and more.

The Rejoice! Plus HymnBase includes the hymns published in the Rejoice! Hymnbook (produced and published by Presbyterian Church of Australia). A large number of the hymns in this hymnbook are under copyright (words and music). In the case of hymns that are under copyright permission has been sought to include these in the the Rejoice! Plus HymnBase.

In many cases this permission has not yet been granted. The words and music of these hymns will not be made public until such time as permission has been granted. As permissions are obtained these hymns and the PowerPoint slide will become available for viewing and downloading.

Full Text Lyric Search

One of the most powerful features of Rejoice! PLUS HymnBase is the full text lyric search. Can't remember the first line of the hymn? Don't worry! Now, you can search for a word or phrase within the hymn to find it.

Why 'Rejoice Plus'?

This site database has been named Rejoice PLUS because we want to provide a means for hymn writers to share their hymns with the Church. If you have written a hymn why not submit it the the Public Worship Committee to review? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.