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Hymns Included

The Rejoice! PLUS HymnBase is the online version of the Rejoice! HymnBook. This hymnbook, the official hymnbook of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, contains 627 hymns (plus various other items such as doxologies, graces, creeds, and benedictions). The large majority of hymns in this book are in the Public Domain. This means that there is no copyright on these hymns. However, there are 232 hymns whose words are under copyright and there are 102 hymns whose tunes are under copyright.

Permission has been sought (or in some cases is being sought) to include these words/music in the database. Until such time as permissions have been granted copyright bound hymns (words and/or music) will not be available. As permission is obtained these items will be released and made available.

This program is called the Rejoice! PLUS HymnBase because it is the desire of the Public Worship and Aids to Devotion Committee that we will be able to provide an avenue of circulation of new hymns and spiritual songs. Hymn and spiritual song writers are invited to submit their work to be assessed for inclusion in this resource.

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Alternative Tunes

When choosing hymns for use in the church service there are many things to consider. Clearly the words must be suitable to support of the message or the particular part of the service. Often, the hindrance to using a particular hymn is the set tune. This tune may be unknown or simply unsingable for various reasons. HymnBase provides you a means of selecting an alternative tune that can be used in place of the set tune.

Another hinderence is that the hymn is new to the congregation and maybe even the music leader. The ability to find alternate tunes allows the hymn selector to locate a known tune to an unknown hymn.

Where permissions have been granted or the hymn tune is in the Public Domain a midi file is provided to listen to the tune and decide on use.



PowerPoint Slides

For the majority of the hymns in HymnBase PowerPoint slides have been provided for download. Where the hymns are not in the Public Domain permission has been sought to provide PowerPoint slides of the words. Where this has been granted the slide is available. As permission is granted these remaining hymn slides will become available.

When a hymn is chosen you will see the words displayed. Along side the words is a box containing the Meter, Tune, Files, and Alternative Tunes. To download the PowerPoint file of the chosen hymn click on the file name link and it will be downloaded to your computer.

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First Lines Listing

All hymns are listed by First Line

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Topical Index

There are various indexes included in the Rejoice! PLUS HymnBase. The Topical Index is an alphabetical listing covering a wide range of topics relevant to the life and preaching in the Church.

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Occasion and Church Year Index

An index that covers such areas as 'Opening of Worship', ' Closing of Worship', 'Before Prayer', etc. it also includes a comprehensive lising of hymns for various events in the Church Year, for example, Christmas, Easter etc.

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Meter Index

An index of hymns based on the meter of the tune.

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Author Index

An index of hymns based on the author of the tune.

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Search Words

HymnBase provides search functions in several areas. A full text word search is possible. Searches are also possible within the indexes.



Using Hymns from the Rejoice Plus Hymnbase that are under copyright
Where hymns are in the Public Domain or permissions have been granted we have included a downlodable 'zip' file containing the PowerPoint slide of the words for use in churches. It is IMPORTANT to remember that this slide is provided under set guidelines. A large number of the copyrighted hymns are covered by the CCLI licence. This mean that if you use any of these hymns you will be required to notify CCLI of this use so that copyright payment can be distributed to the copyright holder. Please ensure that this is done.