Welcome to Rejoice! Plus HymnBase

'Rejoice!' is the Hymn Book of the Presbyterian Church of Australia.

It has been purchased by congregations, individuals and indeed, people from many denominations both in and outside of Australia.

The Committee responsible for its compilation, presentation and production is most hopeful that it will prove to be a valuable and worthwhile aid to worship.

To assist those who will use the book in worship week by week, the following information is presented with the hope that this 'guide to its use' will be helpful to them.

Public Worship and Aids to Devotion Committee,
General Assembly of Australia.

Using Hymns from the Rejoice Plus Hymnbase that are under copyright
Where hymns are in the Public Domain or permissions have been granted we have included a downlodable 'zip' file containing the PowerPoint slide of the words for use in churches. It is IMPORTANT to remember that this slide is provided under set guidelines. A large number of the copyrighted hymns are covered by the CCLI licence. This mean that if you use any of these hymns you will be required to notify CCLI of this use so that copyright payment can be distributed to the copyright holder. Please ensure that this is done.